How Flexsource are following Social Distancing Protocol during the COVID-19 Pandemic | Flexsource Managed Services

Our Team in Flexsource is working to prepare clients and candidates for new roles post COVID Quarantine.

Our team is here to provide calm for our candidates and our clients during these times. Our consultant are working from home and set up with laptops, Microsoft Teams and we are an equal opportunities employer hiring various roles within the Hospitality Industry, Construction Industry, Logistics Industry, Light Industry, Warehouse Industry and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our team is lucky and skilled enough to work from home and can help candidates and clients whilst we are working remotely. We have the capacity to intelligently train candidates in manual handling and ensure that social distancing is followed.

We are currently hiring for roles in Construction, Retail, Grocery Roles, Warehouse Jobs, Logistics Industry, Light Industry and Pharamaceutical Roles. Our consultants are working from home to ensure that our team can place candidates and ensure clients fill their roles post COVID.
Whilst previously our team ensured hiring happened in the office we are adapting to working from home and keeping in contact with our clients and candidates. We have daily meetings to ensure one of our team is in contact with their clients and to ensure candidates recieve the best treatment when searching for a job.

Dependent on our industries our consultants are able to schedule interviews with candidates via Whatsapp Calls, if it suits the candidate, via Microsoft Team calls if the candidate has teams downloaded. We can also do videocalls through skype as well as interacting with clients and candidates via facebook.

We always ask you to check that your CV is tailored to the role that you are applying for to ensure you apply for a role that you want and suited to your skills.

Our team provides extra benefit for all of our clients and candidates as well. As standard our consultants are checking with our candidates to see how each hiring company is covering for PPE and we check and ensure that we are working to industry standard. What we practise is to provide for candidates moving forward to ensure your safety in each role.

All of our clients are practising social distancing and we have a number of roles available within the Pharmaceutical Industry, Construction Industry and Warehouse Industry which ensure that roles are filled during this crucial time for all Industries.

Grocery retail workers are at the frontline of the current pandemic and we can provide flexible roles that are essential to keep food and other essential supplies on our shelves. To meet the unprecedented demand, retailers nationwide are hiring extra staff and our team is providing roles in this way. If you have found yourself out of work due to a temporary business closure, this could be a suitable alternative.

Our team is on hand to provide social distancing training before your role is placed and to ensure that manual handling is completed in our offices adhering to Social Distancing rules and ensuring that you gain manual handling from a verified provider before beginning your placed role.
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