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Defend against COVID 19 with methodical cleaning and expert sanitisation. Helps to create a safe working environment for staff and visitors

FMS hygiene offer interior and exterior COVID 19 sanitisation and disinfection to commercial and industrial premises that may have been exposed to COVID 19, we also offer the service to avoid contamination and reduce the risk of the spread of the virus.

We use both traditional spraying methods and Electrostatic disinfection which is environmentally friendly spray system which cover surfaces with antiviral and microbiocidal solution onto surfaces.

In most cases, the technique of spraying and wiping can bacteria to move from one surface to another. This can be reduced by Electrostatic spraying due to the touchless nature of the spray.

The electrostatic method of disinfection allows for hard to reach places were the area can be sprayed and there is no need for wiping or drying.